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ISSD Africa

The Piloting Phase of ISSD Africa works on the establishment of an African-embedded structure and network of experts, seed programs, and associated organizations in the public and private sectors. The aim is to work on complex challenges that are of strategic importance to the development of a market oriented, pluralistic, vibrant, and dynamic seed sector in Africa. Four thematic areas of engagement have been prioritized for this Piloting Phase

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ISSD Ethiopia

The programme on Integrated Seed Sector Development in Ethiopia aims to strengthen the development of a vibrant, market-oriented and pluralistic seed sector in the country, where quality seed of superior varieties is available and affordable for a larger number of farmers, thereby contributing to food security and economic development in Ethiopia. The programme is comprised of a number of integrated components, which work complementarily towards achieving the vision of ISSD in Ethiopia

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ISSD Uganda

The ISSD Uganda programme supports the development of a vibrant, pluralistic and market-oriented seed sector in Uganda, providing more than 100,000 smallholder farmers access to affordable quality seed of superior varieties. The programme is working with 30 local seed businesses (LSBs) to produce quality seed of locally adapted crops and varieties for local markets. The purpose is to develop them into commercially sustainable local businesses. The programme also contributes to increasing the effectiveness of respective public institutions in specific supportive tasks in relation to seed production and marketing

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