Seed Business Development

Probably the greatest missing link in most of the seed value chains is the one between seed growers and seed users

At the moment there are only a few seed growers and seed companies active in the Dry Zone. Even at township level, the number and scale of local seed growers is quite small.

The seed growers present are capable of producing good quality seed, and most of them aim to expand their operations. It is especially these larger seed growers, that at local level are able to develop into local seed businesses (LSBs) producing substantial amounts of seed for the surrounding farmers.

This component aims at developing the soft skills needed by farmers for a successful business in the seed sector paying special attention to: i) capacity building on technical production skills, ii) financial management, iii) business planning, iv) and marketing.


As soon as the availability and affordability of quality seed has been secured, the ISSD Programme will turn its focus into the promotion and uptake of improved and well-adapted varieties.

WHH is the lead partner in implementing component 3, Seed Business Development. In the past year, the team worked on profiling seed producers in the Dry Zone and in proving support for scaling their seed business.


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Profiling seed producers

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