Four organizations are engaged in the ISSD Myanmar Programme.


The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation (MOALI)

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation (MOALI) of Myanmar takes the responsibility for managing and implementing programme component 1 – seed sector coordination – and component 2 – early generation seed production. Both components are coordinated by the Department of Agriculture (DOA) of Myanmar, which also hosts the Seed Division. In component 2, ISSD Myanmar collaborates with the Department Agricultural Research (DAR) of Myanmar.


Welthungerhilfe (WHH)

WHH is an international NGO registered in Myanmar. WHH takes the responsibility of managing and implementing programme component 3, i.e. seed business development. WHH supports seed producer cooperatives in becoming more commercially-oriented and entrepreneurial in the seed business, providing technical support, extension advice and training to develop seed as a product. WHH also engages with seed companies to further develop their business models and strengthen their linkages along the seed value chain. By the end of the programme, seed producers and seed companies are expected to be able to operate as fully professional and sustainable seed businesses.

Wageningen University & Research, Center for Development Innovation (WCDI)

WCDI is the main coordinator of the consortium and the liaison point between programme financial control, Monitoring & Evaluation, reporting and accountability. WCDI is responsible for the coherence of project activities, the programme results and the financial accountability. WCDI is also responsible for allocating the funding to the partners. In addition to programme coordination, WCDI provides technical assistance to the partners in Myanmar through various training and coaching sessions throughout the programme period.

Resilience BV

Resilience BV is involved in technical backstopping on seed sector coordination – component 1 – and early generation seed production – component 2. Resilience BV collaborates with WCDI in supporting programme coordination and implementation.

Additional collaborators

ISSD Myanmar Programme works in close collaboration with World Bank /MOALI – Agriculture Development Support Project – (ADSP), The World Bank Group (WBG) project “Seed Regulatory Review and Improvement in Myanmar, Myanmar Agricultural Input Reforms”.