EGS Production

Within the public system, the DOA and DAR Seed Farms are responsible for breeder, foundation and registered seed production, together called early generation seed (EGS).

The main challenge for the seed sector of Myanmar that of finding a suitable business model that on the one hand, ensures a sufficient production of EGS of important food security crops, like oilseeds and legumes; while on the other hand, reduces the dependency on Government funding and control. Studies from within Myanmar and outside of Myanmar, indicate that more autonomy, blended funding and a form of cost recovery or contracting will be beneficial to increase the overall performance of the EGS farms.

In other words, a better mix of public and private funding, and price setting, that would create the proper incentives and guide the Seed Farms towards a sustainable EGS production.

EGS training in the field (2)_cut

Under component 2, Early Generation Seed Production, ISSD Myanmar seeks to increase technical, organization as well as financial skills of farms involved in EGS production. By complementing the MOALI-WB ADSP project, ISSD Myanmar Programme supports smallholder farmers with technical assistance on business management and quality seed production.


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