Supporting seed producers

As the lead implementing partner of the ISSD Myanmar Programme, WHH provides support to strengthen the seed business capacities of 62 seed producers from Sagaing and Mandalay Regions.

WHH is primarily engaged in identifying highly promising seed growers who have the potential to scale up and supply seed in the quantities demanded by the farmers in the nearby areas. WHH provides support to mobilize financial resource to this end, helping seed growers to successfully complete the procedure for the formal registration of their seed business. Moreover, WHH’s daily work is dedicated to improving collaboration among seed growers to boost seed supplies towards the level demanded by the farmers who are the seed users.

WHH is involved in a wide range of activities among which are: 1- support in forming seed producer associations; 2 – studies on water quality and nutrient composition of soils in the Sagaing and Mandalay Regions; 3 – support in seed production planning for winter, pre- monsoon and monsoon season; 4 – training sessions and skills development in quality seed production to seed growers.

Table 1 – Seed Producer Associations formed with support by WHH-ISSD Myanmar Programme and office townships

Region Association Township
Sagain Zabu Hein Seed Producer Association Myinmu
Shwe Thu Kha Seed Producer Association Chaung U
Shwe Inn Ma Seed Producer Association Chaung U
Mandalay Shwe Yaung Win Seed Producer Association Madaya
Myanandar Seed Producer Association Patheingyi
Khit Thit Taung Thu Seed Producer Association Kyauk se